how to get amulet coin sv

Since 2021, he has covered Game Guide content for multiple sites and excels in instructing fellow gamers on what they need to do to succeed in their favorite title. His expertise also comes from his double major Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Comm. Amulet Coin is a Held Item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) that doubles the prize money that you receive after winning trainer battles. See the effects of Amulet Coin as well as how to find and obtain it.

Japanese Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Walkthrough

They will request you battle at least five trainers you can find in the West Province Area Three region and then return to them for a prize. The Amulet Coin is a useful item that you can find in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. When you give it a Pokémon, it will double the payout of any monetary reward you receive, so long as that Pokémon participates in the battle at least once.

how to get amulet coin sv

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As a result he chooses to spend most of his time playing video games, reading old books and ingesting chemically-risky levels of caffeine. He is a firm believer that the vast majority of games would be improved by adding a grappling hook, and if they already have one, they should probably add another just to be safe. You can find old work of his at USgamer, Gfinity, Eurogamer and more besides. Like Paldea’s other League reps, he says you need to defeat at least five other trainers nearby before he’s willing to give you the Amulet Coin.

how to get amulet coin sv

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This is because the best and most useful items are also typically the most expensive ones as well. This necessitates that you spend a lot of time grinding until you have enough Pokedollars (and League Points) if you want to get everything that you want. But not everything is so grim, as there is an item that can help you earn a lot more money, called the Amulet Coin.

  1. You can find old work of his at USgamer, Gfinity, Eurogamer and more besides.
  2. Amulet Coin is a Held Item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) that doubles the prize money that you receive after winning trainer battles.
  3. Making further changes to your appearance while playing the game will have a certain cost, and you may want to increase your cash flow if you’re looking to splurge on cosmetics and other items.

Afterwards, talk to the Pokemon League Rep to get the Amulet Coin as a reward. You’ll need Koraidon’s or Miraidon’s swim ability to fully explore the area, so make sure to complete the second Titan battle before heading out. That battle pits you against Bombirdier, and you can complete it roughly around the time of your third Gym battle. The Amulet Coin comes from one of the Pokemon League representatives, the men in suits you sometimes find stationed outside of Pokemon Centers.

When players get a hold of this item, they’ll make more money from defeating trainers. You know those people in front of the Pokecenter outdoor pop-ups that continuously ask if you you’ve “been having some nice battles?! Once you complete the battles, the Pokémon League representative will reward you with an Amulet Coin, which you’ll be able to find in your bag. Before players free money flow can get the Amulet Coin, they’ll first need to defeat five trainers in Area Three’s West Province. If you have already won battles against five trainers in this region, you’ll need to interact with the Pokémon League representative in the Medali (East) Poké Center. At Gamer Tweak, we believe in providing informational tips and guides in a simple and straightforward format.

Of course, before you can use it, you will first need to obtain this item. So here’s where and how you can get the Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In other words, if you give it to your lead Pokemon you can instantly hit the requirement of “joining the battle at least once,” and reap the benefits of extra cash in trainer/gym battles. It behooves you to get this item very early and start using it against gyms at the very least; so you can buy whatever Pokeballs/items you need whenever you need them.

You can find them to the northwest of Medali, with three on the path close to leading you towards the mountain. Once you battle those three trainers, return to the Pokémon Center to the west of Medali, and there will be one on the path and one to the south of Medali city, close to the small pond. Most of these trainers will be using Pokémon that are slightly above level 30, so make sure your team is ready to battle them.

The specific one you want is at the Pokemon Center outside Medali, the town in West Province Area Three. To get the Amulet Coin in Pokemon SV, you will first need to talk with the Pokemon League Rep that can be found at the Pokemon Center in Medali. This Rep will offer you a reward if you manage to beat the five Trainers in the West Province (Area Three). This is very similar to how you needed to defeat the four Trainers in South Province (Area One).